Alpha Youth


Sundays @ 05:30

Repeats: Saturdays @15:00


Join Millicent & Innocent visit South African youth groups to hear what's on the minds of our future leaders and join them in praise and worship.

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More Than A Song


Thursdays @ 19:00

Repeats: Fridays @11:00 Saturdays@14:00


More Than A Song brings you the story behind the song, artist interviews weekly in studio learning about the stories behind the music.

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Playlist Top 10


Weekdays @ 05:30

Repeats: Weekdays @15:00


An hour of the “Top 10” most requested videos on the channel. If you’d like your vote to count for the next week’s show, go to or and leave a dedication, shout out or request.


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The Spotlight



Repeats: Thursdays@11:00 Saturdays@19:30

Out & About is a lifestyle magazine show that keeps you up to date with activities on the Christian calendar.

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